Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Week's Eats

Sunday two weeks ago I took the kids grocery shopping at the mega giant ultra big treacherous supermarket where we hardly ever go. A fun family outing! Ha. Jesper's famous last words before we left: "Look, I don't want to sound patronizing or anything, it's just that it's happened to me before, so I just figure I'd tell you, ok? This place is DANGEROUS. You will buy more than you ever dreamed of and quite possibly break the bank. I'm just saying. You know. I've done it. It happens. Real easily too." With this sermon ringing in my ears I entered Babylon, fully determined to buy ONLY what was on the list and ONLY things that we really need. Yeah, that didn't work out. At all. So this week's theme? Budget, baby.

Chicken dumplings with coconut rice, spicy salad with cucumber, carrots and roasted sun flower seeds. (Turns out that minced chicken is very inexpensive. Let's not think about why. And organic shredded coconut wasn't, so that we had to cut out.)

Courgette soup with mint and garlic, no grilled sandwiches, had forgotten to buy bread.

Bavette di salmone. Found a teeny tiny piece of salmon in the freezer, it will have to do. Lots of pasta, a dollop of cream, who's going to notice the salmon anyway?

Omelette! With roasted potatoes (potatoes being the budget's best friend) and maybe a carrot or too, tortilla style. Winter salad (that's a pretty way of saying cabbage and carrots, m'dears).

A whole free range chicken (to make up for Monday), cooked in the oven with tons of vegetables. Really, who's budget makes it all the way to Friday night?

That's it! Next week we go deeper into the freezer on our quest for The Last Remains. Never know what might turn up. Gaaah! This week actually turned out as tasty as any other. Yay for me. Yay for you. Bye now.


Miranda Robertson said...

I am always over spending and having to make up for it. I find that omelets are perfect for that sort of thing. The chicken dumplings (minced and all) sound delish!

Anna Ander said...

Omelets and soups. And pasta! I find pasta to be very forgiving food; a little cream, a little cheese, a little leftover something and you have a meal.

Anonymous said...

oh thank you! you made my day!
now i won't starve alone anymore in berlin! <3

Anna Ander said...

I aim to please, dear Berlin!

RW said...

I am impressed. Such menus. We are put to shame.