Monday, March 21, 2011

This Week's Eats

Well, this weekend was a bit on the boring side. But nevermind. There were highlights as well. The godchild is finally back on Swedish turf, mother and father and brother in tow. Such a very good reunion. Life is so much better when my loved ones stay on this continent. Stay put, I tell you! Stay put!

If you'd like to read some more about this week's eats and happen to be fluent in Swedish, I've added a link to my husband's tumblr above to your right. It's a very good place to go, trust me.

Still a little disappointed that noone answered my Big Love question. I guess NieNie doesn't read Leo... But someone out there must know? No?

Wishing you a very good Monday. Hope you'll get to eat something delicious.

Risotto ai funghi. Mushrooms from Midsomer, rice from Italy, a well traveled and delicious dish. And yes, the children will hate it. Vehemently.

Zuppa ceci. (It does sound better in Italian, you can't hate me for this). But yes, chick pea soup it is. Again. The kids will not enjoy this either. A tough week for the kiddos.

Noodles with salmon, hopefully in some kind of wonderful broth. If this turns out well it will be the essence of comfort food. If not, well, then at least we tried.

Kid's night! Mashed potatoes and falukorv i ugnen. You know, that weird Swedish dish that I've mentioned before? It really doesn't translate well. And you won't want to cook it. So I think we'll just leave it at this.

The last of the venison. The last filet it is. After this it's all stews. Dear filet, how I will treasure thee! Had the second last one Saturday. Best meal I've had this year, except for our visit to Porto Cervo a couple of weeks ago. Goodbye dear deer!

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