Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Again With The Showing Off

I'm a Swedish person, condemned to a lifetime of snow and darkness and electricity bills going through the roof. Therefore I have the right to once a year brag about sun and temperatures rising over 15°C. So please indulge me. In this post I will continue to talk about the weather we're having. It's only going to last until Friday, and then we're back to normal Swedish summer and this blogg will be gloomy again and all will get back to normal. But for now, dear friends, indulge.

So here's how hot it is today.
  • It's so hot that I've had coffee three times and tea twice, all in the name of staying-awakeness.
  • It' so hot that the kids went straight from the beach (though "beach" is probably stretching it and also planting a way to glamourous picture in your minds) to the pool (though "pool" also is stretching it and again with the planting of the picture).
  • It's so hot that I sanctioned a naked dinner (kids, not me) (NOT DAD), and if you know me at all, you know that this is big. (Not even underwear! Naked, I tell you! Nekkid!)
  • It's so hot that we've had ice cream thrice and I'm pondering a quadruple. (Yeah, I know you can't say that, but I'm on holiday and so is grammar).
  • It's so hot that I've turned the tv on just to keep them out of the pool ("pool"), where the sun still lingers and threatens to burn my young'ns to a crisp.
  • It's so hot that I opened the freezer just now and stuck my head in it. That was really uncomfortable.
  • It's so hot that my father's taken to practising the tuba (the horn? the tutilur?) in the cellar.
  • It's so hot that friends and family stuck in town keep texting me with their hallucinations, involving cold drinks and nakedness and other unmentionables.
  • It's so hot. I'm so happy.
There. Thank you for your patience. If this post made you irritated (and I can totally see why it would), feel free to read any posts labeled "winter". Then come back and say you're sorry and understand my need for obsessing over this day utterly and completely. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I love when it's that hot in Sweden, cos you make me LMAO.

Paula said...

Lol I live in Arizona and it's really hot here - over 100 degrees at 9:30 at night. Love your pictures!

Anna Ander said...

Aym, dearest, you made me google it! Then I was LMAO too.

Paula, you lucky thing! It's raining over here today. Again. Yet again.

Meredith said...

I'm so amused by your use of nekkid! and young'uns! and (not here, but before) ya'll! have you spent time in the southern U.S.? or do insane temps just bring it out in anyone? It's hot hot hot here too and the kids rarely wear more than a swim suit or undies/diaper unless we need to be presentable. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Anna Ander said...

I've spent far too little time in the South, Meredith, but some words and expression are just too good to pass up. "Nekkid" is just poetry to my Swedish ears, I know I picked it up from some Southern author (Pat Conroy?). "Y'all" is probably Dixie Chicks. And "young'uns", hmm, not sure. But as above, too lovely not to use!