Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One More Photo To Make You Go Aww

It was good to be back by the sea.
Since my parents sold the summer house I've been reluctant to go.
Holding on is easier than letting go, it's as simple as that.
But this was good.
And beautiful.
Now it's back to doing Monday, though it's already Tuesday.
Back to work and school and planning meals and folding laundry and shaving legs.
But don't pity me. I don't deserve it.
You see, it's countdown time.
School's out on Friday.
Midsummer in less than two weeks.
And it's 24°C in the shade.
Or 75°F, if you're feeling transatlantic.
Plus. I. Have. Freckles.

Have a good one, ya'll.


RW said...

freckles. really?
we had a good series of days - all early in the low 20's but with bright sunshine. smelled like summer.
now back to business.
the kids and T have one week left of school and then exams the last week of June.

Miranda Robertson said...

Love. This.

Anna Ander said...

Two more days and then it's SCHOOL'S OUT. Thanks for stopping by, you faithful ones.