Thursday, June 2, 2011


We're on holiday. Well, technically we're still here, but we have five full days off, starting today with Ascension and ending with our national holiday on Monday.
The kids are in full-on summer mode, running from backyard to backyard, eating masses of ice cream, bruises on knees and grass stains on skirts and shorts. Never wanting to go to bed, laughing so loud I'm afraid the birds will leave our garden.
Asking me if this is summer.
We feel it too, in the gardening and the staying up late, in the night cup of tea outside and the sneaking a cigarette once the kids are in bed.
Lilacs are in full on bloom, peonies about ready to burst.
And the sun.
Impossibly, unbelievably there.
And friendly friends and birthday parties and friendly neighbours with big dogs and all things good.
And too much to eat and running shoes not in use and work put on hold for a while.
It could be summer. It feels like summer. I think it is.


elizabeth said...

Christ is Ascended! Ascended in Glory!

It is so good to be in this time and on this day. and great to share it with you.

Maria said...

God, that was beautiful.

Meredith said...

I love it. We are in the same mode here, and this described it perfectly. Enjoy your break!

RW said...

Oh. Tell me more about summer please. More about the warm weather and the sunshine and the flowers and bare feet.

Enjoy your days my friend.

Anna Ander said...

Thanks, everyone. These are glorious days! It's still unbelievably warm and we have two full days left. Yay us!

Kathleen said...

Sometimes I think Sweden must be so, so far away. And then sometimes, not so much.