Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Starts Here

So this is it.
We're off.
The kids and I are on summer leave for a million billion weeks.
Yesterday, Day 1, was grey and cold and filled with nag nag nagging.
There was a little swimming as well (indoors, mind you) and some elder flower cordial making.
But mostly nagging, sighing, frowning and frowning and nagging again.
Today was a little better.
And the million-billion-eons-of-timeliness of it all makes it easier to let go.
That and old age.
Yep, I'm definitely getting smarter.
That and humbler.


Jennie said...

You're making cordial yay! Wanna know a secret? My first batch is all fizzy. (gæret på dansk)

Devastated. Managed to set another bath going before the season ends. We will still have cordial to drink hot with honey and rum, our winter is saved!

Anna Ander said...

But I've heard that Elderflower Champagne is the s**t! The fizz could be good! Mine is at home, in J's hands (and that's some pretty good hands). Update will follow.