Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Have A New Reader

That calls for some sort of celebration!
So here's some Mariekex for y'all. Enjoy.
And say hello to Eva! (Hello Eva!)
Eva is very tall and talented and her hair never gets frizzy. Never. She's also slim and a little artsy and a mother of three and has a really scary cat with weird hair. (Again with the hair, I'm getting obsessed.)
How I know she reads this blog?
She was kind enough to email me and let me know.
(I know, huh! Highlight of my day!)
If you're into cats (I'm not) and great illustrations (I am) and fluent in Swedish (sorry) you can learn more about Eva here. Brilliant stuff.
Moving on.
How about RSS, people, are you feeling up for it?
And I'm trying to get those little Love and Hate button things to work, but no, they don't.
So feel free to, you know, comment.
Should you Love or Hate something.
Ok, that's it.
Thanks for lending me your ear.
(I will never give it back.)
Sorry, it's just one of those days.


RW said...

new readers are good.
we are on the edge of school starting and scheduling nightmares.

Eva said...

Anna! Finally I found out how to follow your blog. And my english is crap. So you all might enjoy when I write. But I will try to write in english.

Anna you are so funny and crazy! HA HA.
I got totally embaressed when I read this post. I say HELLO to everybody and it will be fun to follow your beautiful pics and text about your everyday-life. Which I follow in real life also (because of our sons)
Lot's of love

Anna Ander said...

Välkommen igen, Eva! You're free to write in ANY language, it's just very lovely to have you.