Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sorry For The Cheesy Picture

But I have an excellent excuse for not taking photos.
You see, I'm packing for a trip.
To Crete, I tell you!
Jez like dat.
Me and the kids, flying to Greece and the sun and the sea, one sad husband staying behind, carrying the world of advertising on his shoulders.
(My office will be closed. No shoulders there.)
But can you imagine?
I almost can't.
I'm practically jealous of myself.
Have book, have Big Love season 4 and 5, have sunscreen.
Also have fouryearold who's in tantrum season, but let's not focus on that shall we.
Have sevenyearold who finally can swim and loves Harry Potter.
Have running gear.
Have a little heart ache (see shoulders carrying things above).
But mostly, have cannotbelievemyfuckingluckfeeling.
Tallyho, Annie Apa.
Let's go!


linda said...

herregu vad du är cool. good on ya.

RW said...

my youngest sister is in greece right now.
a tad bit envious here.
eat some feta for me.

Anna Ander said...

Frk Elers, is that you? Väldigt fint att se dig här! Och tack. Jag känner mig ganska ocool just nu, men det finsn hopp.

Anna Ander said...

Will do, dearest. One feta coming up!

Anna said...

have fun!!! : ) i'm mighty jealous! ; ) xoxo