Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wake Up Call Is Four Fifteen

Leaving soon very soon and don't know what my internet possibilities will be, but will post if I can. Not that you'll be sleepless without updates, I know, I know. But still. If I can, I will. Thanks for reading. Thanks for listening. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello from time to time. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Have heart ache. Shoulders ok presently.

Anonymous said...

have fun and eat a lot of tzatziki for me.
puss puss or should I say: filakia!
ta cousine Hélène

irinka said...

have a great time and suck up that greek sun!
xo irina

RW said...

yeah for you.

Anna Ander said...

Thank you! Hélènaki, I'm stuffing myself with tzatsiki, no worries. 30°C today and sun sun sun being soaked up. See you soon!