Monday, September 5, 2011

Nobel Prize In Parenting

We celebrated the kids not being sick with taking them swimming.
We are such intelligent people.
Really, we are.
So Wilhelm had a temperature again before I could say "Put your shirt on".
Blanka felt bad for her brother and decorated his dinner plate with flowers.
Can't say he appreciated it as I would have.
He thought it looked like vegetables.
The horror.
Vegetables when you're sick.
Like there was no love in the world.
Yeah, that was our weekend.
Still a pretty good one.


Callie Grayson said...

vegetables! ha!
Hopefully, he will feel better soon!!

RW said...

nicely done by the sister.
you would not believe the story I have to tell about my own two.
i live a crazy life.

Anna Ander said...

He was fine the day after, Callie! Probably the veggies that did the trick, huh?

Can't wait to hear it, Ramone.