Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hi From Sunday Night

This weekend we did better. Last one we nearly died of overload, but we live and we learn. This one much improved. We realized a couple of years ago that what we need when Friday comes is No Plans. But last weekend was Wilhelm's eighth birthday so No Plans, not so much. Sunday night found us like beached whales on the couch, too tired to even turn on the tv or make a decent cup of tea. (And we were no beauties Monday morning either.) Tonight much better. So, a bit of random before I stuff myself with the last of the seasalt chocolate:

PanAm (the series). Boring, to start with. I mean, really boring. And stupid in a way that I didn't think tv was stupid anymore. The "ugly" girl is a redhead? The blonde sister is naïve? Seriously? And Christina Ricci's so skinny it makes me want to cry.

Rick Perry (Republican candidate). Oh wow. Need I say more? There's hope for Obama yet.

November (the month). Rushing by. Incredibly fast and incredibly warm (both of these things make J very happy, me not so much).

Bolognese (king of food). Tonights was lamb and pork (from left over salsiccias). Holy macaroni, even my mother-in-law was blown away (and she's more into "traditional" food).

Church (place of worship). Went today for the first time in long. The choir sang Duke Ellington and all was good. So glad to be there.

Father's day (today). We made J a pancake-cake and brought him breakfast in bed. I called my father and sang him a homemade song and talked about butchering (literally). They were equally pleased.

Good night, dear you. I hope you had a good one. Thanks for reading.


RW said...

hi back to you.
we survived a week where the youth worked almost every day.
cold weather is upon us
snow predicted for thursday
getting the tires changed tomorrow and making some gingerbread.

Anna Ander said...

Gingerbread! Good idea. I started the Christmas music yesterday and J nearly died. Will have to wait a little.