Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My dear friend Ebba called and we talked forever about the big things (crying at the office, epilepsy, vampires) and the not so big (laundry, IKEA, ambitions). Ebba said something brilliant about having dreams, and how they most of the time seem impossible to get around to, even just to get started:

"I like to think of it as knitting" she said (not that she knits). "It's like, you do a little bit today and then you might leave it for a while and then you pick it up again, knit a few rounds, put it down again, and all the while life goes on around you. And then one day you pick it up and, bam! A sweater!"

Bam. A sweater.


Anonymous said...

Dear A
Ett bra samtal och fint inlägg.
Och t o m din ovikta tvätt är snygg.
Och måndag -vampyrer.
En massa kärlek.

pinkshoesknits said...

Ebba talks great sense!

RW said...

I like it.

Eva said...

Ebba, den tar jag med mej, livet som en stickning. Tack!

Pamela said...

I love that analogy. Seriously.

Anna Ander said...

It's brilliant. I might pick up knitting just to remember this.