Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Is For Making You Read Back Catalogue

Sometimes I forget that it's been less than a year. A year of life lived differently. I remember handing in my notice on October 2oth, and how I couldn't tell you about it but also could hardly breathe with excitement. And then I told you and you were brilliant about it, of course (thank you, all of you). I remember leaving the office just before Christmas, saying goodbye, a little surprised about how that goodbye turned out. And then, diving head first into the new way, the new me, the new everything, and feeling oh so good about it. Yes, it's been less than year. But what a less-than-a-year it's been. Thanks for being around for every twist and turn in the way. You are patient and kind.


ElizaHennessey said...

It's a great thrill and luxury to be able to make your own path in the world, to spend time with your children and family freely, and to create wonderful memories!

I both envy you and rejoice with you!


RW said...

a year.
love to you.

Anna Ander said...

Thank you! It is the biggest luxury I've ever experienced. Makes me happy just thinking about it. Like you guys!