Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh The Love

The holy moly ramma lamma ding dong love.
I cried the other day. Over dreams that never amounted to anything. Dreams that died of fear and insecurities and notknowingbetter. I cried because somehow I've taught myself that I'm a quitter. A lazy quitter.
When the truth is this:
The big one.
My one big dream, the really huge one, my only true wish, you know the one, that one, the one.
I never gave up on that. I never settled. I never made do.
I went for it all the way.
I went for it all the way.
Oh. The love.
Turns out I'm no quitter.
I'm a go getter.
Here I come!


Jennie said...

One of my favorite quotes, roughly remembered, from the movie Greenberg - 'embrace the life you never planned on'

Has nothing to do with quitting!

Anna Ander said...

Perfect. Thanks. And good to see you!

RW said...

I sense a story here.