Friday, January 30, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

So. The Wire. Well, it's not Aaron Sorkin. No Leo, no walkingandtalking, no Bradley Whitford, no women of Qumar. But it is good! We watched the first episode reluctantly and felt very Don't believe the hype-ish. Everyone's been saying how brilliant it is, and you know that lovely feeling when everyone is wrong? I almost wanted it to be bad. The first episode wasn't promising. But we figured we had to watch at least three before we quit. The second episode had us smiling at some of D'Angelo's courtyard wisdom. And by the third we were hooked. We've just started season 2 and long for the kids to go to sleep every night for our daily fix.

I love Bubbles and have a hard time with him being back on the dope. I'm still very upset they shot Wallace and keep worrying about the kids that stayed with him. I love Kima. I have a serious thing for Stringer Bell, but who can blame me. I enjoy the new guys too, even if my heart is still in the projects.

I wonder if Leo would like The Wire? He is by definition a Sorkin man, but still. I think he could enjoy the politics and the cynicism. And McNulty's redhead prosecutor, he'd definitely enjoy her. But maybe his patriotic heart would be hurt. The Wire doesn't paint a pretty picture of America, no siree. But I'm hooked.


Lord John Marbury said...

A serious thing for Stringer Bell?

Damn, Shawty. That nigga gonna get got. You feel me? Punk muthafuck aint nothin but a street corner hustlin broke ass nigga.

Word. You know what Im sayin? Damn straight.

Maria said...

Visste ni att Stringer Bell är britt?

A. said...

Ohhh! Ännu bättre!