Friday, January 30, 2009

Hey Babygirl

You are the best surprise I ever got. We had no idea that ours would be a family of four, but I guess you had just made up your mind. I’m so very grateful. It seems that sometimes the best decisions are the ones you never make.

We named you Blanka. Maybe it was me trying to compensate my first acknowledgement of your presence with a royal name. (I’m still very sorry about the ”Oh, hell!”, but you did take me by surprise.) We also named you Susanna, after your godmother, my mother and her grandmother. Should you ever doubt your own way, take your cue from them and you’ll be alright. You’re in good company.

At your Christening Mei-Li sang The World’s Greatest, while Gunnar played the guitar and everyone cried their eyes out. We wanted to give you all the strength and confidence the lyrics hold. Being a girl in this world, you’re going to need it.

I look at you and I see more than I ever thought possible. You are so beautiful, so strong, so happy. I never dared to dream about you, but you found me anyway. Happy second birthday, babygirl. You and I, we’re in it for the long run.

And of course, Leo thinks the world of you.


Johan said...

Såå vackert, Anna.

Lord John Marbury said...

Oh yes, splendid. She's absolutely buxom. I'll drink to that!
Congratulations, babygirl.

Kind regards,
Lord John Marbury

Dionne said...

Oh what a lovely post. How wonderful that many others shared in all that emotion with you!