Friday, January 16, 2009

What Did I Do

I've cut my son's hair. I couldn't wait for a professional like normal people do, no, I had to do it myself. I'm an idiot. My baby looks like Howard Jones. Or rather, a mix of Howard Jones and the Hitlerjugend. Gone are his curls, his surfer look, his rock'n'roll shakermaker-do. Enter 80's synth pop look. Thank God he has good hair to begin with. Good hair is at least more forgiving. Hopefully, so is my son.

What Would Leo Do, having by his own hand turned Mallory into something very unfamiliar and... dated, to say the least? Shrug? Take no notice? Maybe he'd be like my father, who's first reaction was "Excellent! Then he won't get stuck in the drill again!" (They like to build things together, and Dad has always felt that Wilhelm's hair is something of a security breach.) Very practical men, both Leo and my father. I'll try to see things from their horizon tomorrow.

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Maria said...

Ja, vi får hoppas att Wille har ärvt ditt håranlag, Anna.