Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Say Hello To The Little Bread

My beloved started baking over Christmas. He is after all 35 years old, living in central Stockholm and working in media, so I pretty much knew it would happen. But still. I had no idea how good it would be!

Last night (after beginning the whole sourdough process early on Saturday) he made these. I've had four sandwiches so far today. If he keeps it up there's going to be a whole lot more of me to love. But such a happy me!

My darling, you are all a girl could possibly want.

Leo feels the same.


lisa said...

grattis, välkommen in i brödätargemenskapen! men vem är det egentligen som påstår att man blir tjock av surdegsbröd? (och hur ska jag i så fall tolka det påståendet?)

Anonymous said...

This is honest fucking bread, yes?

Fokin' hell.

Chef Gordon.

lisa said...

jojo. men det är ju skillnad på bröd och bröd.