Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Photos Pour Hélène

(I know this is getting boring, but bear with me. These will be the last pictures of snowy Stockholm for a while. Chère cousine, c'est seulement pour toi.) Anyway: It was yet another beautiful day in the North and I headed out to the Japanese baths at Hasseludden.

My means of transportation. With very friendly captain.

I jumped off here and had a vision of us living in that green house overlooking the bay. Taking the boat to the office every morning, teaching the children how to swim, sitting on that bench watching the seagulls. But with us being far from billionaires, I guess not.

I spent the day indoors, soaking in the hot spring and eating sushi (not enough though, I was hungry the whole time). And when I went out six hours later, this is what greeted me. Hello snow. Hello freaking blizzard!

As I waited for the boat to come rescue me I felt very small. The darkness was like darkness in a John Ajvide Lindqvist novel. It seemed hungry.

I put on my brave face, but the dark would not be fooled. The wind was getting a piece of me, the snow sniffing it's way into my jacket. (Thanks to Igor Sport and Emilove I was never cold.)

When my friendly captain suddenly emerged I wanted to kiss him and his boat. I jumped on board like a happy mountain goat, giddy with relief. Darkness is not for me.

What would Leo do, being stranded on a desert island in a blizzard? Smoke? Maybe he'd call Potus for a little company.


emi guner said...

jag undrar så klart vad emilove är?

A. said...

Emilove är Emilia. Det var hon som ledde mig till Igor Sport (and once you Igor you never go back). Kyss.