Friday, December 18, 2009

Hello Friday

Today was better. So much snow. Wilhelm brought a helmet to school so he could go sledding. I never wore a helmet to go sledding, but the times they are a'changing.
It's my last day of work before Christmas. Good for me and work equally.
My parents are buying a tree with the kids.
I will bring out the decorations tonight.
Tomorrow is gingerbread day. Maybe a cousin or two will join us.
I will light a fire.
I will be better company than I have been this week.
"I'm sorry for not being so much fun today", I told Wilhelm.
"You really weren't", he answered.
"But you were pretty nice!", he added.
Thanks for your patience, prince with missing front tooth.
I will be better tomorrow.
And tonight is popcorn night. You can't beat that.
Happy weekend, everybody. Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

RW said...

oh yeah
for the last day of work
and popcorn tonight and
gingerbread tomorrow.
it is my last day today too.