Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday Snow

There's a lot of snow here right now. As Swedes you might think we'd be used to such a thing. No. We're like Bambi. Bambi in longjohns and electric hair. But I like it. This will be my whitest Christmas since childhood (when all summers were sunny and all winters white). Blanka is chewing on sandwich donated by friendly neighbours. Once again Karin and Jeppe saves the day.

There goes the neighbourhood!

The blizzard started over and the young'uns cried for mercy and begged to go home. We left the big guys with aforementioned Jeppe and went home to the fire and teapot. A smell of wet wool permeating through the house.


RW said...

serious snow.
a memory for us here on the west coast.

Anna said...

i am wishing for snow this Christmas!! our weather is so sporadic here in Kansas... they say "if you hate the weather in Kansas just wait ten minutes." we once had 80 degrees on Monday & that same week on Friday we had eight inches of snow! how silly!

p.s. such cute photos!!!

Pamela said...

what great pictures! snow...oh you are lucky!