Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hey Lady

So, December is turning into Serious Crush On Women Month. First it was Carey Mulligan, whom I haven't really seen in anything apart from that trailer from yesterday. But she seems, well, what can I say, she seems enchanting for crying out loud. Enchanting and like twelwe years old, I know I know...

And then there's Dr O'Hara. Doctor Eleonor O'Hara of "Nurse Jackie". Holy Mother Of God. She is like the incarnation of All Things Important. You want it, she's got it: brains, looks, wit and a very healthy appetite. And the accent. The British accent to die for. Oh la la, she makes me happy every time she makes her snotty appearance. And this is a woman who shares the stage with the Queen Of Domestic Bliss And Total Denial, Carmela Soprano. I thought nothing could outshine Edie Falco, and I'm not sure that Eve Best does, but boy. Dr O'Hara. You're good.

I wonder what January will bring.


Michelle said...

I keep meaning to watch this and then I never do!

Des said...

This is an excellent series. All of the characters were developed so well in the first season. With the strong writing and performances I think Nurse Jackie is going to be around for a long time.