Monday, December 14, 2009

Chère Cousine

Ma belle cousine Katrin is taller than I am. And has a very exciting job with the Ballet Maurice Béjart in Lausanne. Her mother is my father's baby sister. Her sister Hélène is the one who got married in April. Her father drives a car faster and better than anyone I know and has a lovely moustache. Her brother is my gorgeous baby cousin Thomas. His girlfriend is the tiny, but multitalented and equally gorgeous Ida from Denmark. Katrin is closest to me in age of all my cousins (though still very young, of course) and the only one who doesn't make me feel like a hundred years old. She's also very funny and fluent in like five languages. She talks really fast and smokes even faster. She's Greek-Swedish, born and raised in Switzerland, but still has a very French thing going on. When she was a baby I wouldn't let her play with any of my stuff. I'm better now. Je t'adore, cousine.


RW said...

how exciting.
what does she do for the ballet?

Anna said...

i love cousins, they are some of my very best friends! i think it's so funny you said you wouldn't let her play with your toys, my cousin julie accuses me of the same!! although I do not remember such things... ; )

you are both such beautiful ladies!!


Pamela said...

beautiful picture.