Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obvious Perks With Not Working From Home On This Particular Thursday In August Anno Domini 2011

the day I marinate myself some tofu and serve it on a bed of roses is yet to come
hooked up with best ever Lisch for lunch, the perfect treat
see above and add a few HAHAHA laughs for full effect
two Pärlans sea salt toffee (come to mommy, little one)
not actually doing it, but talking about it and looking forward to tonight's run
with said Lisch to Johan's for an after lunch brew, talked football, tennis and marriage
bumped into three former colleagues (not at the same time!), one of them very very happy
favourite client
this one has got to be one of the nicest (evah)
noise level
at this moment there are two sevenyearolds, two eightyearolds and a fouryearold at my house (all taken care of by a hunk of a 37-yearold, but still)
bike riding
rode my red devil into town this morning (go legs, go!)
coming home
it's so much better when you've actually been somewhere else during the day

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RW said...

I am liking these last few photos very much.