Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Around The House

Today turned into something other than expected.
Still good, just not what was planned.
It's like a theme song around here lately.
My running shoes have not been in use since Friday the 19th.
So I have to run today or forever be a quitter.
Can't have that.
So running it is, and making fish for dinner. And working.
Also eating chocolate from the "secret" stash in the kitchen when the kids aren't looking.
Will I paint the walls in the bathroom this weekend?
Surprise J, who's spending four days in Barcelona "working"?
Probably not. Paint the walls, that is.
Probably rent crappy movies instead and make the kids sleep in the big bed with me.
Oh, come on. It's the least they can do.
Have I told you about my husband? I've known him since I was eleven.
He had a very cool bike back then.
My parents are coming to town, and if you've been here before you already know what's coming next: It makes me happy.
Yes, it does. Sorry about the sappiness, but it does.
I know they're happy in Midsomer and I'm happy when they're happy but when I'm really happy is when they are where I am.
In town.
Yes. Did I mention I'm an only child?
So. Are you having a good Tuesday?
It is getting awfully quiet here again, isn't it?
But maybe you're just like me.
Maybe your days are turning into something other than expected too.
Hope it's still good.
Just not what was planned.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, nothing´s going according to plan, and bad Wednesday follows grumpy Tuesday. New fridge broke down during the night. Money scarce, weather depressing,bla bla bla. But then I read you, and it gets better.

Anna Ander said...

Thank you, Anon. That's the best thing I've ever heard. (Not about the fridge, obviously.)

RW said...

sounds like life is trucking along nicely.
we are missing Luke - he will be home sunday

school starts tuesday