Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I just incidentally showed a whole lot of skin to the twelveyearold art director sitting next to me.
Ok, so he's not twelve, but the innocence is the same.
And there I was, talking browsers and showing him the lion part of my ample bosom.
God Dear Lord God.
And, being me and being deranged, I obviously pointed it out.
"Oh, dear me, here I am showing you all this skin!"
I know.
God Dear Lord God.
The awkward silence. Can you hear it?
This is how I pass my days.
Should stick to working strictly from home.
Fully clothed.
As if they didn't think I was nuts already, now with the skin also?!
God Dear Lord Dear God.
He probably thinks I was trying to seduce him.
He'll tell his girlfriend the story tonight with HORROR.
I'm Mrs Robinson.
Oh kill me now.


Anonymous said...

I love you Anna.

You dear friend from Midsomerwreath

Anna Ander said...

Åh. Tack.
I love you right back, dear friend from the Wreath.

RW said...

Oh My Lord Dear God.
so funny Anna.

but you survived.

Anna Ander said...

Just about! Just about. Phew.