Monday, August 22, 2011

This One's For Me

She cried so she couldn't breathe when I left her today.
And I sat in the car and I cried too.
So this post is for me.
I need to look at this picture for a while.
It will all be ok.
It will all be ok.
It will all be ok.


Jo Barnes said...

When my first born started school I started crying the evening before and cried for about 3hrs straight (I kid you not - thought I would never stop). But by the next morning I had used all my tears so managed a dry farewell. And today he turned 16, and I cried again.... Give her lots of cuddles - even if she doesn't want them it'll make you feel better. I make my 16yr old hug me every day!

Anna Ander said...

Thanks, Jo. Somedays are just like that. Full of tears.