Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sorry About That

I got stuck in my ego.
I read so many blogs every day that are brilliant.
Inspiring, well written, beautifully photographed.
Funny. Important.
And somehow I started feeling a bit bleh about my own.
What's the use? Why bother? Do I really have anything to say?
Yeah, I just might have been feeling a little bit sorry for myself.
But I'm done now.
And I'd like to apologize.
There are actual people that come here everyday to read.
And I haven't given you anything this summer.
I'm sorry.
It doesn't matter that these are all iPhone photos.
It doesn't matter that WWLD isn't Big.
I love this place and I love you for coming here.
I mean, you actually come here. It's nothing short of amazing.
So, sorry.
And thank you.
And see you tomorrow?



RW said...

I do love coming here.

Anna Ander said...

Love to have you.

Jo Barnes said...

So how was Cornwall?! (Apart from wet!)

Anna Ander said...

Cornwall update to follow, Jo!