Thursday, January 5, 2012

Insert Witty Headline About Time Or Something Glasses

We're still on holiday here. That is, I worked today and Tuesday, and J will work tomorrow. But there's no school or daycare until next Wednesday, so officially we're on leave. And it's oh so good. Funny how easily I adapt to lethargy. And minus the mandatory total mayhem breakdowns that come of four people spending every waking hour together and watching too much tv (we're on a screen stop now) (no, this doesn't count) it's been brilliant. This I know for sure: I love it when we're all together.

And we've done a little more than just watch too much tv. We spent Christmas up north, skiing and reenacting the Last Christmas video, minus the heart ache and the matching sweaters, plus four children and more food than George Michael could've imagined. Thanks to our friends we actually managed some skiing as well, so big shout out to heroes Stellan och Hedda. They were magnificent.

I've chosen my word for 2012. Have you?

And can I find you on Instagram? I'm seriously hooked.


RW said...

strength is my word.

happy friday to you.

ElizaHennessey said...

We've been back at work for a week now... BOO! My word is complete. So delighted you're on Instagram, I am loving the photos!

Happy New Year to all the Anna lovers out there!

RW said...

what filter are you using on that photo there?

Anna Ander said...

The filter is Earlybird! How come I can't find you on instagram, RW? And thanks for following, elliehennie! I'm really hooked. Oh, and my word is "expand". So good to see you both.

Eva said...

Anna, klockan, glasögonen så mkt mormor... för mej. Men jag vet att dina är MODERNA. Men jag känner också igen frälsarkransen, som jag lärt mej vad det är efter liten föreläsning av Martin Lönnebo på stora Verbumfesten jag var på. Jag gillar den och symboltänket. Kram

Anna Ander said...

Eva! Visst ser det mormrigt ut! Känner mig helt mormrig. Kyss.