Thursday, January 12, 2012

When It Rains And Every Other Day In The World

It's a good thing to have a home filled with dirty socks and lego. No view to talk about and too much traffic, the lawn looking like a mudwrestler's dream come true, paint needed front and back, ugly Christmas curtains still up, puddles of melting snow in the hallway, sand and gravel under every pillow you turn over on the couch (don't), bed linen needing to be changed, dish washer slowly coming apart, tired worktop going to pieces and did I mention the lego? It's a good thing to have a home like this. This place where we live. Where it rains in January and you haven't been able to locate the chocolate in four days. Where that person whom you've been loving for a million years is lighting a fire just now and there are actual real children that you've made together sleeping upstairs. It is oh so good.

And then to top things off: You guys.
Thank you for coming. Thanks for reading. Thanks for saying hi. Thank you thank you thank you. You too are oh so good.


pinkshoesknits said...

Your home sounds like my kind of place. No children at home now yet some days we still can't move for clutter. But the one I've loved for a billion years is still lighting my fire. Love to you and your family. x

Anna Ander said...

That too sounds oh so good. Love to you and yours, dear pinkshoe.

RW said...

there is so much laundry piled up and waiting to be folded I find it hard to imagine anyone has any clothes in their rooms; yet they do which is disturbing to me....

our dishwasher is spitting out small bits of plastic .... also disturbing.

finally our snow is coming. maybe tonight. we are -5C right now