Tuesday, January 24, 2012

These Are The Days

I think it finally happened. I think winter came.
The kids are loving it and I'm feeling a little bit of both.
I'm glad for the light. Glad for the snow covering all that was ugly.
But morning routines are longer and the snowy sleepiness seems to creep into our house and into our bones, making energy as precious and scarce as chocolate when you really need it.
There's a fire in the evening. Most days.
And clothes and boots drying in front of it. The smell of smoke mixed with wet mittens and socks. It's a good smell.
Last night it was impossible to do anything but watch the flames, drink the tea, think about bed, iphone in hand.
Today I've dropped the children at school and day care, come home to send out some work and have another cup of tea, before I change into work clothes and head to town.
It's pretty outside and the air and light will help me fight the tired, sleepy, yawny, stretchy part of me. The part already thinking about tonight's fire.
But first. Tuesday. Work.
I hope you have a good one. I think I will.

1 comment:

RW said...

oh. man.
happy tuesday dear a.
i start a new position today. same job different location. new people.
more later.
our snow is slowly melting. I am sad to see it go. on the other hand once I hit feb I am keen to look forward to spring.
did you see the instagram photo a day for Feb? we should do it together.