Monday, January 9, 2012


Great plains, endless ocean, mountains that go on and on, untouched forests, quiet lakes big as the sea. Space. I'm thinking one day. One day we will live where the sky is wide and the land just goes on and on. Maybe just for a week. But still. A week of space.


Anna said...

sometimes i get really busy & behind on my blog reading & miss yours for a few days. and then each time i visit again i smile & giggle & sigh while i feel like if only we lived a bit closer, we could share so many more laughs & stories in person.

but it's ok, because blog posts from you are the next best thing & someday we will meet! maybe sooner than later, in fact! : )

hugs from kansas!

Anna Ander said...

Oh Anna. Dear, sweet, kind, supportive miss Allen. Thank you. Thank you a million times. Just what I needed today, exactly and perfectly timed. Thank you. I do hope we meet soon, even though you're back in Kansas. Which also makes me happy! Good decision! Big love,

Sofia N said...

hi dear I have an new blog partly inspired by yours

Anna Ander said...

Den är så fin, Sofia! "Midlife except the crisis", I love it! Everybody go visit!

Sofia N said...

Hun, we will tie the knut 30/6 i förortens finest kyrka. Pussen