Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Turns Out It Never Hurts To Ask

Wendy and Tyler of Blue Lily Photo travel the world with their children, taking photographs of other families and exploring everything from Brazil to Japan as they go along. They are coming to Norway to do a session on June 2:nd this year, and when I asked them about doing Stockholm some time they very kindly said Why not right after Oslo?

Wow. Really? Yes, really. So if there's a family or four out there dreaming of having their picture taken without looking like morons, let me hook you up! Take a look at their work here, comment or e-mail me and say that you do do do. Pricing and printing info from their site below.

Wow again. Did not see this coming. I've always felt that it really does hurt to ask, but never again. Thanks and yay, Tyler and Wendy.

PS. SOFIA, look it's your wedding pictures all taken care of!

PPS. Nooo, I didn't take this photo. They did. But you had already figured that out, right?

THE PHOTO, $475 (USD):

Includes 35 edited, high resolution digital files with a print release*

-45 minute session

- you'll get pictures of your family, individuals, siblings shots, and much more.

*this means you can keep the files on your computer and print to your heart's desire. Sweet!

Please inquire if you are interested in a video session!


Pamela said...

SERIOUSLY?? How amazing is that?! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Miss you. xo

Anna Ander said...

I know, huh? One happy family just signed up (except ours). So good to see you again, Pamela!

Sofia N said...

I have the wedding shots covered but i'd love to meet them! Lets have them for a barbie i a stureby-svedmyra Garden? Rehersal dinner?

Anna said...

LOVELY!!! so exciting! & how jealous I am they get to visit!

Anna Ander said...

Anna, you're always welcome!