Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here We Go

First we made Knäck. Sounds German, but tastes divine. "Ahh, it's almost like candy" Wilhelm said. "It IS candy.", I replied. He nearly fell over with joy.

Then we had to try a few more, to make sure I wasn't lying.

The Masterchef cleaning his tools. (And do enjoy the rare occasion of an actual glimpse of one of the kids.)

After the Knäck we moved on to Lussebullar. Willya look at the dough! Perfection. Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart.

And they turned out like this. So good it's ridiculous. Everybody very very happy.

I wonder if Leo does any baking? He could very well be into levains and such.


lisa said...

"Sorry, Mr President, can't stay around to help you with the crisis in Yemen, gotta go home and knead some dough."

A. said...

Yeah, maybe not. But it's a pretty picture!