Saturday, December 27, 2008

List For Lena

Dear Lena, here's my Christmas reading so far. Melrose and Croc are new friends to the family, but we already love them dearly. The illustrations have a certain Mary quality that you'd like.

This is an old favourite that Emi G. once introduced me to (thank you). My own copy I lost a couple of years ago, but this new one will be as cherished (though it's not as pretty). You'd love this book, I know you would.

Mr Wilde as I've never seen him before, investigating a brutal murder in 1880's London. Very Wilde-ish and funny. Haven't finished it yet, but so far it's lovely. Christmas murder!

Tomorrow if I get an hour or so to myself, this is what I'll do. I'm feeling Golightlyish, being back in town after five days in Midsomer.

And right now I have to finish because we're watching this. And have thai food waiting. And the kids are asleep. Life is good.

I think Leo would be very happy to see Josh with a tan. And with such developed biceps.

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