Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A List For Skipper

Dear Skipper, hope Christmas is treating you well. I just wanted to tell you that for dinner today i had a Riesen chocolate bar, a bag of popcorn and some coffee (went to the movies all alone, bliss). Then I came home to find Jesper in Martha (or Gordon Ramsay) mode, so I had some of his spaghetti. And some more chocolate. And since J started baking ten minutes ago, and I promised to keep him company, we're now staying awake with the help of tea and more chocolate. This night is sweet in o, so many ways!

Leo doesn't have a sweet tooth, I'm sure of it. But he'd like what's going on in our kitchen right now: baking, reading, eating and writing.


Skipper said...

Du verkar vara född med en kropp som tål att stuffas. Grattis. Du blir inte fet, du är skitsnygg Anna.

A. said...

Ahh! Priset för mest uppskattade kommentar går till Skipper! Kyss.