Friday, December 12, 2008

Restaurant The Love

This greeted me last night after a long day in the coal mine. For those of you not fluent in Swedish, it says: Welcome to the restaurant The Love. Come to us for food! We have the best fish fingers in the world! Greetings from Chef Jesper, Maître d' Wilhelm, Waitress Blanka.

A very small, but somehow French looking, maître d' greeted me when I opened door. Wearing a blue shirt and a huge bow tie, he was friendly yet courteous, and exactly what one hopes for when entering a new restaurant. He escorted me to my table:

The waitress was on a break, so I had to read the menu for myself. It was short, but nourishing:

("Restaurant The Love" and two people kissing. Designed by Wilhelm, drawn by his father.)
Sugar snaps

It was the best dinner of my life. I went to bed feeling like a million dollars.

Leo would have loved our restaurant! I wish he could have joined me.

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