Monday, May 16, 2011

Garden Update Season Premiere

It's been a lovely warm and sunny couple of weeks and now we're back to more normal Swedish spring weather. I don't have to water much. But rain is good! Since I am not only lazy sunbather person but also suburban gardener type of person I've decided that rain is my friend. So rain, take my hand! I will cherish thee as long as you stay away from July.

Potatoes are not in the ground yet, due to suburban gardener type of person also being suburban procrastinator type of person, but will get there. Let's just focus on what is in the ground, shall we?

1) Weeds. And lots of them. I mean amazingly dramatically surprisingly huge amounts of weeds.

2) Tomatoes (as seen above in pots). No, not from seed. Who am I, Caroline Ingalls? (God, I wish I were Caroline Ingalls.)

3) Something I forgot.

4) Carrots. From seed! And on some kind of tape, for easy planting. Genius.

5) Rosemary, basil, thyme, parsley.

6) Strawberries (they look so few, might have to get some more).

7) More tomatoes.

8) Onions (because they were really easy to plant)

9) Courgette growing like crazy indoors, will plant outside this week.

10) No, that's probably it.

I've bought seeds for pumpkins and salad, but they are still waiting on the kitchen counter. We'll see. And we've planted some flowers as well. Have to get to the potatoes, but on the whole I'm very content. I think Caroline Ingalls would have me do more of an industrial sized kitchen garden, but I'm too plain lazy. Plus, Caroline never had to leave the homestead, whereas I oftentimes am forced into the cruel world of advertising and cannot focus wholeheartedly on my greens. So there. Updates to follow, of course.


RW said...

way further ahead than we are.
all we have is lettuce planted. and now the weeds are back.
but they say in thursday the sun will arrive and actually stay a few days

Anna Ander said...

Wow, really? Maybe I'll post my dandelions and nettles as well, they're the ones really thriving this year...