Thursday, May 19, 2011

In Sickness And In Health

I keep falling asleep.
When I wake I can hear them laughing downstairs, Blanka is singing a song about how she wants a doll that is bald. They're having pancakes for dinner. It smells really good.
I'm sick. My first sick day as selfemployed. So far no major drama has occurred.
So I sleep and wait for tomorrow.
I can hear them, washing hands, finishing up, they're tired.
It's just one of those nights.
Going from laughter to crying to screaming and back to laughter again in two minutes.
I keep falling asleep.
And thinking about the OC. How lame was the last season? Ryan and Taylor? Puh-leeze.
And what was the name of that show about a doctor whose wife dies and he moves to Alaska (Vermont?) with his son and daughter? And the son is a thinker and falls in love with the cheerleader and her hockey boyfriend has leukemia (brain tumour?).
Just some of the more important things I'm pondering today.
I wish someone would bring me some pancakes.
Preferably my husband.
Since I happen to find him immensly attractive.
Did I mention it's our ninth anniversary today?
Nine years of marriage that feels like two weeks and forever at the same time.
It makes me happy every day.
Too bad I keep falling asleep.


RW said...

feel better.

Maria said...

Oh, i didn't know you were sick. Sånt man inte håller ordning på när vi inte sitting next to each other, honey. Miss You!!! Miss That!!!

RW said...

I really like this photo.

Anna Ander said...

Thanks, RW, I am. And I do too.
Marylove, det är för illa att inte ha dig vid min sida ständigt ständigt!

Kathleen said...

happy anniversary, feel better, and I really do miss you when I drop out of blogging for a while. nice to see you.

Anna Ander said...

Thank you, Kathleen! You're very missed when you drop out. Drop in!