Friday, May 6, 2011

She's My Mother

She loves racing green, William Morris and anything British.
She knows the name of every bird, flower and tree.
She's taught me everything I know about being a mother.
She walks really fast when she's shopping.
She loves my children with a passion.
She'll cry over anything, big or small, happy or sad.
She has freckles everywhere.
She gives good advice but doesn't like to be on the receiving end.
She's the girl my father fell in love with.
She likes things to be just so.
She knew my husband was the one long before I did, but was clever enough to never tell me.
She has a love for books that is true and deep.
She likes a cold whiskey with her hot bath.
She's makes it all happen.
She thinks I'm a lion.
She's my mother.

And today is her birthday. Happy birthday, mamma!


M said...

Vilka fina ord om din fina mamma. Stora kramar till er alla. Men framförallt till fina S på hennes dag. Hälsa henne! Kärlek. /Mia S

Anna said...

So sweet. What a great mamma! xo

RW said...

happy birthday from Canada.

Brian said...

Can you help?

Thank you for checking it out and god bless

Anna Ander said...

Tack Mia! Roligt att se dig här! Anna, thanks. She is! RW, will tell her. Thanks!