Thursday, May 5, 2011


A visit to Kathleen yesterday reminded me that I chose a word for 2011. How could I forget? It's been weeks since I thought about it. And I did make a big sign of it (and of my goals for the year, first time ever!) and framed it. Put it right in front of me on my desk. But then I guess I just moved on with things. And I haven't been sitting down a lot lately. Here's what it says:

Get that driver's license
Make money
Write a book
Use your body

Underneath it I've written my word. Purpose. It's such a good word. Exactly what I need this year. And exactly what I needed to be reminded of today. When starting this new adventure, what was it that I wanted to do? Why and how? And for what purpose? These last couple of weeks I've gone a little off track. It's easily done when there's lots to do. But was that the purpose of starting out on my own? To work this much?

I'm proud to be able to check box number two on the list. In many ways it's what makes my work real. Now I just have to find the balance needed to let me do the other things. I need to find my purpose again. And get that license.

Thanks for listening. Good night.


RW said...

thanks for this.
i started thinking about my word last night too.

Anna Ander said...

How easy it is, getting caught up in the very things you try to avoid.