Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mis En Place

We are now house people. I know this because yesterday I pondered the possibilities of buying some kind of fleece garment for cold nights on the porch. We are so definitely House. It's not so much a transition as a total transformation, but a good one. In the words of Madonna, everything feels shiny and new. Raking leaves, having cold feet, running out of hot water, commuting. All shiny and new. I love it. And true friends have not forgotten us. Or my birthday! Thank you so very much. I felt like Hollywood royalty.

Easter was celebrated in the name of food. Cheers! (And no, that's not Wilhelm drinking wine, with his mother's arm protruding from his head, it's an optical illusion known as really bad photography.)

There were eggs.

And Påskmust obligatoire.

And mousse au choc (or chocolate mash, if you ask the young'ns).

And lots of cake. Outside! Leo would have been happy to join us. The new life would do wonders for his stress levels (if not for his arteries).


Dionne said...

It was your Birthday? Happy Birthday!

Your Easter looked splendid! I love the look of that mousse! Wowsers!

And hehehe about Wilheim drinking.

Pamela said...

Hip-Hip-Hooray!! I'm so happy for you and your family! And what lovely eggs!!