Monday, April 27, 2009

For F**** Sake

I am never buying cheap shoes again. Never ever again.
  1. I am too old.
  2. Life is too short.
I hereby declare that the petrol blue patent faux-croc kitten heels of last week are to be the very last in a sad succession of cheapo. Rest in peace, wedding crashers. You shall not be missed.

Leo would never wear cheap shoes. He's too successful and too much of a snob. Besides, Lord John Marbury would never cease to tease if he did.


Dionne said...

Oh I know the feeling! Cheap heels do the feet no good. ESPECIALLY when you are walking all night down the Las Vegas strip with not a taxi in sight. Ouch.

Pamela said...

Amen, to that! How have you been? xoxo

Maria said...

Cheap shoes can go bury them selves!

Eric said...

Ouch. I have no experience in heels. Dress shoes hurt so I'm sure those hurt 100 times more.