Sunday, April 19, 2009

Omar Get Got

Omar is dead. We have six episodes left of The Wire and Omar is dead. About five minutes before he got shot, I turned to Jesper and said "I love how Omar is eternal, how Omar Little cannot die. He has that otherwordly thing going for him. It's brilliant." Bla bla bla, idiot.

I feel bereft. It's almost like when Leo had his second heart attack.

Though Leo doesn't think so, of course. Being a Sorkin man, he doesn't relate easily to other characters.


The Rat said...

Oh dear, this is the first time i've ever visited your blog and the very first thing i read is something i absolutely did not want to know... I still have season 4 & 5 to get through. Letting some plot lines out of the bag is ok, but something of this magnitude?!?

Anna Ander said...

O GOD. Please forgive me! I thought I was the only person in the world still catching up on the Wire. Don't read my next post! And I promise it will end here. So terribly sorry. I feel awful now.

The Rat said...

I can forgive you this time, seeing as the rest of the blog is lovely. ithankyou

Anna Ander said...

Dear Rat, you just made my day.