Thursday, April 2, 2009

Up Close And Personal

Wilhelm calls me from Midsomer, where he and his sister are spending quality time with the grandparents (and saving us from nervous breakdowns during the moving project). It's lambing time. He's a city kid:

– It's really disgusting on Gudrun in the back.
– Sorry, on who? In what?
– Gudrun, she is a sheep, and it's really disgusting. It's coming out of her. In the back.
– Ah.
– It's sort of like blood. And the bag.
– The bag?
– The bag the lambs come in.
– Ah.
– I'm telling you, it was like uuuuaaaaghhhh. So gross!
– Ah.
– It's SO nice here, mom!

Now, there's a reason this post carries no photo. Leo would be queasy. So would some of you.


Aymo said...

OK, took me a while to realize that Midsomer isn't Midsummer... I was spatio-temporally confused for a minute or so! My Swedish education can be improved! Good luck for the big weekend!

Pamela said...

ha ha !! I love it! I remember having those memories as a little one. It sounds like your children are having a grand ole' time! I hope the move is going smoothly. xo

emi guner said...

vad fint det ser ut där de bor. mer bilder!