Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not Quite There Yet

The new house has turned me schizophrenic. I walk around in the kitchen, "Hmm, I wonder where they keep the toaster?" It's not a pretty sight.

But, oh, New House, how I love thee! Wilhelm picked all the flowers in the garden on his way to pre-school. The kids are like newly released prisoners, in awe of everything, eating dirt, ripping up flower beds, talking like crazy to strangers.

And it's my birthday.

What Would Leo Do? With a house in transition and not a ballgown in sight and a loving family all going a little crazy? He would postpone his birthday. So that's what I have done. My birthday will be on Saturday instead. Do come by!


Dionne said...

Happy Birthday! I am glad to hear that you are all settled in.

Doing anything this weekend to celebrate?

Eric said...

We have the same birthday.

Aymo said...

Sorry I missed it, I just came back today in Milan - and really wished I had lost my flight instead!!
Hope everything is OK anyway with the new house! xxx