Sunday, March 22, 2009

My guys

I had this whole post about wallpaper figured out for you when I heard someone stirring in Wilhelm's room. He's supposed to be sound asleep this late, so I opened the door quiet as a mouse, only to find him and Jesper giggling in Wilhelm's bed. "I was wondering if dad was maybe eating any cookies, so I had to go up and see, and he was!"

I can't really talk about them without going into manic love mode, so I'll be quiet. But the sight of the two of them giggling like crazy about cookies made me want to share a little more than I usually do.

They make me happy like a crazy person. My guys would melt Leo's heart in an instant.


Aymo said...

OK Anna, I cried again...

Anna Ander said...

Haha, you're worse than I am! But I don't blame you in this case. Ils sont vraiement formidable les deux.