Sunday, March 15, 2009


I just came home from seeing Slumdog Millionaire. Eight Oscars, critically acclaimed, compelling story, motherless children forced into prostitution, dramatic scenery, great footage – that one. And it wasn't great! I'm not so much disappointed as I am surprised. It wasn't bad or terrible or boring, it was just, you know, ok. I didn't cry once. And that's something, coming from me. And did I mention the poor, abused and very pretty children running around everywhere in this movie? How could I not cry my eyes out?

It just wasn't that good. See the picture above? Does it make you go awwww? Me neither.

Leo would have hated it. Not that he would have told a soul (since it clearly hit home in Hollywood, and you never wanna rock that boat when you're running for office).


Aymo said...

"How could I not cry my eyes out?"

Yeh, how couldn't you? Was I the only one to flood the cinema with my tears? Am I the only to have a heart as soft as a French toast??

Anna Ander said...

See, I KNEW this would happen! Some darling Italian man would find me cruel and heartless! Shucks! I'm really terribly soft and big hearted, Aymo, I swear. Really! I AM.

Aymo said...

But Anna, who's Italian?