Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet Codependence

Brands and the relationships we have with them are fascinating things. I'm a copywriter, so obsessing and agonizing over this is pretty much how I pay the bills. But am I any wiser for being in the business? Sadly no. When H&M finally, after months of dark blues and browns, makes a pink t-shirt for boys, I feel a moral obligation to buy it. Yep, you heard me. A moral obligation. Because if I don't buy this, who will? If I don't dress my boy up in pinks and yellows and rainbows, who will?

So strong is the grip of the fashion giant that I feel like I'm doing them a favour when buying a t-shirt. "Awww, did you see that enormously talented and good hearted and intelligent and funny Anna Ander bought the pink t-shirt for her son? The one we were so unsure about? Now we must make more bright clothes for boys and never be stuck in that oldfashioned boy-girl thinking again!"

Yes, that's probably exactly what will happen.

I just hope that this little fella is cool enough for my little fella to wear. His sister really doesn't need another pink top.

Leo is a suit and tie guy and has never sat foot in an H&M store. And if I were Chief of Staff I'd probably shop elsewhere too.


lisa said...

De vill inte gå för fort fram, H&M. Om tröjan är rosa måste i alla fall trycket innehålla huggtänder, djävulshorn och blixtar.

Dionne said...

LoL, I laughed so hard reading this. I am sure it will look great on him!